Sepultura - Chaos DVD

# Actors: Sepultura
# Format: Color, PAL
# Language: English
# Region: all
# Aspect Ratio: 4:3
# Number of discs: 1
# Studio: Roadrunner Records
# Run Time: 180 minutes
# DVD Features:
* Tout leurs clips sur “We Are What We Are”
* Le Live de Barcelone “Under Siege”
* “Third World Chaos” : Interviews, clips, live
Three Sepultura videos in one with `Under Siege`, `Third World Chaos` and `We Are What We Are`.
The tracklist includes: `Arise`, `Desperate Cry`, `Mass Hypnosis`, `Altered State`, `Inner Self`,
`Escape To The Void`, `Beneath The Remains`, `Holiday In Cambodia`, `Roots Bloody Roots`,
`Ratamahatta` and `Attitude`.


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